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Nothing beats picking out new curtains for your house. You have a blank slate to work with now that your old window coverings are out of the way, allowing you to experiment with various colours, materials, and patterns. With a patterned curtain panel, you can achieve the perfect blend of design and function.

We have an excellent collection of fashionable patterned drapes at Quickfit Blinds & Curtains that you have to see to believe. We’ll go over a couple of our favourites today and explain why we like them so much. Continue reading to discover more about our online curtain store and to place an order today!

If you’re looking for a light-coloured drapery panel for your living room or dining room, this panel has a lot to offer. The Alyssa Eyelet panel, with its creamy gold base material and airy, abstract lines in a light cream tone, is sure to give elegance and warmth to any decor.

For those who prefer a cooler colour scheme, they are also available in grey. The Curtains panels are comprised of a thick, weighted-weave polyester that protects against damaging UV radiation while still providing great heating properties in the winter. What’s the best part? This gorgeous jewel may be washed in the washing machine!

What Best Gold Curtains

Do you adore the beautiful gold-on-white contrast? If that’s the case, you’ll adore this panel! The eye-catching gold scroll design on these translucent white curtains creates an obviously contemporary and formal style. These gold curtains drapes slide smoothly along the curtain rod thanks to broad eyelets at the top of each panel.

Each panel also has a weighted lead band at the bottom to ensure that it hangs properly. They may be hung alone for a simple but attractive window treatment that allows in plenty of light, or they can be combined with other curtains and blinds to create a really modern look.

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